Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the system work with any computer, tablet or smartphone?

It sure does! As long as you are connected to the internet, you can use Content XLerator

What are the character limits for text submissions?

The character limit for text submission depends on the destination you are submitting to and the type of content you are submitting. For a detailed overview of these limitations, visit the destinations page.

Can I post to more than one location at the same time?

Absolutely. When we set up your submission page, we include one option for each of the social media accounts you have and one option that posts to all of your social media destinations at once. We can also set up custom groupings upon request.

To request destination groups for your system, please call (847) 868-3871 and dial 95115# when prompted. You will be asked to record your request as a voicemail. In your message, be sure to include:

  1. Name, email and phone number
  2. Your submission page
  3. The custom grouping(s) you would like us to create.

Can I post to a non-WordPress website?

For WordPress sites, we have our own WP plugin that streamlines setup, adds functionality and simplifies the user interface. However, we can also connect to any blog using the metaWeblog or Moveable Type API. Please contact us for special assistance.

Can I submit videos that are already on my phone?


How do I update my destination connections?

If you need to change or add destinations to your submission page, just return to and resubmit the destination form you filled out during the set-up process.