The Content XLerator technology platform has been designed, from the beginning, as an enterprise-strength, multi-server application thatʼs rapidly scalable. The application consists of five servers: development, main, transcoder (video converter), telephony and storage.

The application is written in PHP (using the Laravel PHP web framework), AngularJS and Material Design — and is deployed using the hosting services of SoftLayer (an IBM subsidiary).

Features include video/audio upload, recording via computer/smartphone/tablet, transcoding (video converter) and processing, storage and hosting, publishing to any Internet-connected device, content distribution to website, social media and other online properties, and viewer/listener analytics.

Video files are transcoded into four formats: .flv (for Adobe Flash players), .mp4 (for HTML 5 players, such as on Apple devices), .ogv (used by Firefox browsers) and .mov (for computer playback).

The system is HTML5 compliant (the latest cross-platform standard for HTML) so all features are functional on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The technology platform includes a highly-configurable WordPress plugin that streamlines setup, adds functionality and simplifies the user interface in situations when the application is connected to a WordPress website.

API connectors have been developed to YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, as well as any blog using the metaWeblog or Moveable Type API. Additional API connectors can be developed on request.

In addition, the system connects to any RSS feed (e.g., iTunes for podcasting) and sends an email to a designated person(s) that includes content play/download links, HTML embed code and social media sharing links.