The idea for Content XLerator came from a meeting in 2010 with a bunch of successful business owners. We were discussing how Internet marketing might fit into their businesses and there was a lot of confusion and worry. One older gentleman said, “You need to understand something — we’re still hoping this Internet thing is a fad.

As a result of this and other meetings that year, it became clear that the vast majority of organizations would never benefit from the full power of online marketing if interacting with the Internet was anything but dead simple.

Our initial idea was to develop a system that enabled a business’s sole interaction with the Internet to be a single page on their website.

We started development in October of 2010 and we had an Internet marketing prototype ready to implement with our initial client — the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame — by March of 2011.

Over the next few years we were able to to bootstrap the business, add additional beta clients and continue to develop the system’s feature set — as we waited for Internet bandwidth, smartphone technology and the training, eLearning and content marketing market to catch up with our vision for Content XLerator.

During this time we’ve been laser focused on keeping Content XLerator simple and fast to use to ensure it would be the system of choice for these five applications:

  • Live Training: students record video/audio of role plays and demonstrations on their smartphones, which are immediately posted to instructor’s website for display in class and documentation that learning has taken place
  • eLearning: learning management system (LMS) integration — student submissions of video/audio (assignments, testing, forums) — private content hosting
  • Content Marketing: employee-produced and user-generated (testimonials, stories, reviews, case histories) in all media formats and via a single user interface
  • Video & Audio Email: integrates with any email system
  • Content Syndication: multimedia content publishing to a network of online properties (websites, social media accounts) via a single action

Today, Content XLerator is a fully-featured cloud-based technology that enables anyone to create, privately host and distribute/publish multimedia content via a single user interface.