Here are the main features of Content XLerator

  • Supports video and audio recording/uploading via a smartphone, tablet or webcam (video recorder)
  • Provides private hosting for all media types, including podcasts (video uploader, video converter, video player)
  • Distributes/publishes multimedia content (video, audio, file, image, text) to all online properties (website, social media, email, apps)
  • Enables collection of user-generated content from customers (e.g., testimonials, stories, reviews, case histories), students (assignments, testing, forum interactions) and subscribers (news submissions) – in video, audio, image and text formats
  • Syndicates video (and all other media types) to a network of online properties (websites, social media accounts) via a single action
  • Enables content approval before sending – submissions can be reviewed and approved by an application moderator before distribution

The technical elements that make these features possible are as follows:

  • Displays distributed content on any browser
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Works with any internet-connected device
  • WordPress plugin
  • Integrates with other applications via a fully featured API

In order to gain just some of the functionality of Content XLerator you would need the following tools (see Video Management for a complete explanation):

  • Private video hosting system (with video converter and video uploader)
  • Selected (depending on your needs) single-purpose video apps
  • Private audio hosting system (or embedded website solution for audio)
  • Video and audio podcast hosting system
  • Social media management tool

 Content XLerator offers the functionality of all of these tools — plus its own unique functions — in a single system.