Content XLerator eliminates the three primary challenges of live training, eLearning and content marketing:

  1. Dealing with the complexities of using video and audio, which are rapidly replacing text as the preferred online communication media (see Content Types)
  2. Collecting user-generated content, especially in video & audio formats (customer testimonials/stories/reviews/case histories; student assignments/testing/forum interactions; subscriber news submissions)
  3. Distributing/publishing content — in all media formats — to every location where it possibly needs to reside

This system is able to do this because it enables enables content authors — using a smartphone, tablet and computer – to record/upload video, audio, image, file and text content and have the submitted content automatically distribute/publish to multiple online locations (website locations, social media accounts, marketing emails, custom applications).

Content XLerator enables all applications of online video/audio and simplifies multimedia content distribution/publishing — with a feature-set optimized for small to midsize businesses.

As a result, Content XLerator can be used for:

  • Live training applications, such as smartphone recording of role-plays and demonstrations with immediate viewing in class
  • Collecting customer testimonials/stories/reviews/case histories in all media formats
  • eLearning applications, such as students submissions of video/audio for assignments, testing and forum interactions
  • Content marketing — simple recording/uploading of multimedia content and distribution/publishing to all website, social media and other online properties
  • Simple addition of multimedia content to your blog, member site, LMS or eCommerce system
  • Syndicating multimedia content to a network of website and social media properties via a single action
  • Video & audio email
  • Large file sharing
  • Time-shifted communication applications, such as video interviewing