Content XLerator has these five primary applications:

  • Live Training: students record video/audio of role plays and demonstrations on their smartphones, which are immediately posted to the instructor’s website for viewing and critique in class, as well as documentation that learning has taken place
  • eLearning: learning management system (LMS) integration — student submissions of video/audio (assignments, testing, forum interactions) — private content hosting
  • Content Marketing: employee-produced and user-generated (testimonials, stories, reviews, case histories) in all media formats and via a single user interface
  • Video & Audio Email: integrates with any email system
  • Content Syndication: multimedia content publishing to a network of online properties (websites, social media accounts) via a single action

Click on a link below to get a further description of these applications:

Multicast Content Marketing

Multimedia Content Management

Video and Audio Story Collection

Video and Audio Email

Multi-Media Content Syndication

Online Video Interview Recording