Today’s smartphones have fantastic cameras and are your best bet for creating quality video without breaking the bank. However, higher quality video also means much larger video file sizes – and moving those files around can be a huge pain. This video focuses on how to get your image and movie files off of your iPhone and onto your Apple laptop or desktop computer using a USB connection and a program you already have on you Mac called Image Capture.

Image Capture is an application that comes pre-installed on all Apple laptops and desktops, and is an incredibly easy way to get large video files from your phone. One of the reasons we recommend Image Capture for transferring video is that it allows you to transfer your video files without any loss of quality.
Many other transfer methods require the video to be compressed into a smaller file size before being transferred, resulting in a loss of quality from the original file. This is particularly important if you are moving the video to your computer to edit it, as you want to be working with the 1080p resolution that you filmed with.

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This method of getting video off of your phone is also nice in that it does not require an internet connection or cellular data. The large file size that comes with 1080p resolution can really cut into your data plan, not to mention the amount of time it takes to first upload, then download the file.

Don’t let the hassles of file transfer keep you from creating high quality video, check out the video above to learn how to use Image Capture to make getting your videos off of your iPhone a snap.

Jeff Klugiewicz