I did a little review of the “Magisto” Video Editor Application last week.  Please Read or watch below to learn more.


Today I’m going to give you a little insight on an App called “Magisto”

When you click on the app the first thing you will need to is set up
an account and login.

Once you’ve logged in, you need to add video clips or photos from your
camera roll and then hit next.

Then, you can select the “editing style,” select the music you want to
use, add a title and select the length.

Hit “Make My Movie” and let Magisto do its magic.

It’s that simple.

All you do is select the photos/videos you want to use, select the
theme, select the song, add a tile, select the length and they do the

Here is my take-aways about Magisto:

It’s very easy to use — anyone can do it.

You have very little control with what’s going to happen, if you don’t
like how it turns out, your only option is to go through the process

The single line of text for the title is the only text you can have

Magisto is primarily for capturing the feeling of a trip, seminar or
family function. It can’t be used for interviews or things like that.

If you want to download the videos you create, you need to pay ($4.99
or $6.99 per month)

If you decide to use Magisto, here is the one tip — use short video clips.

Overall I’d give this app a three out of five. It’s a super fun App to
use super easy. You don’t need think a lot — you just click the
videos, the clips you want and they can do the rest.

It’s cool to see what you get out of it when you hit “make my movie.”

Check back soon to see more Video Reviews done by Me and the rest of the CXL Staff.

Have a good one!