One of the challenges of content marketing is that, to be successful, you must generate multimedia content on a regular and consistent basis. Therefore, it’s essential you use a range of production methods so the cost of each piece of content is appropriate for the intended use.

Here are the three primary types of content you will need in your content marketing efforts.

Showpiece Content

Showpiece content includes promotional videos, eLearning programs, published books and training videos and are used to firmly establishes your authority. These pieces are needed for your website home page, tradeshow booth, national sales meeting, employee recruiting and customer deliverables. This type of content won’t be inexpensive – but you only need a few and it requires infrequent updating.

Workhorse Content

Workhorse content includes web TV/radio programs, eBooks, white papers, selected blog entries, marketing funnel components and luminary testimonials. These pieces are needed for face-to-face or telephone sales meetings, on your website and for distribution to selected social media channels.

Because this content functions as the foundation of your content marketing efforts, it needs to be high quality but, when produced correctly, can cost far less than showpieces.

PDQ Content

PDQ (pretty darn quick) content includes brief videos/audios, written blog entries, customer testimonials, video/audio emails, infographics and social media posts. These pieces are needed for webinars/teleseminars, on your blog (in conjunction with workhorse content), for social networking, within your online store and in your emails.

For an effective content marketing program, you’ll need plenty of this type of content — so this will be the majority of the content you produce.  PDQ content, like showpiece and workhorse types, still needs to be valuable, relevant and story-driven, but the requirement for production value is less – because its presence is more fleeting.

Content XLerator

Although Content XLerator has an important role for all three types of content (e.g., private video/audio hosting, fast and easy content distribution), it’s most significant value is with PDQ content.

Via the simple Content XLerator user interface, you and other content authors within your business can record or upload video, audio, image, document files and text content — using a smartphone, tablet or computer — and have the submitted content automatically publish to selected website locations, social media accounts, marketing emails and custom applications, with a single action.

Content XLerator makes it possible for content authors to create and send PDQ content anywhere, anytime and with any device — simple, fast and easy.

Of the three content marketing content types, PDQ content is the most important because its needed in the greatest quantities. Content XLerator enables you to produce and distribute PDQ content with high quality and cost-effectively.